Franchising Opportunities

Go into business for yourself not by yourself.

BioTechs Franchising LLC is now offering franchises in the crime and trauma scene cleaning industry. Our company has been the #1 leader in this field for just under two decades, and is now ready to expand and start helping families and property owners across the USA.

Why choose Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaning industry?

Crime scene cleaning doesn’t just have unlimited potential, it is so much more rewarding than that. It is about truly making a difference in someone’s life when they are faced with a tragedy. Yes, you can make a great living, our industry is not seasonal and homeowner’s insurance companies most often pay us directly for our services. Those are all great points, especially knowing you are able to help families during the toughest time of their lives, yet, not burden them with the financial stress for the cost of cleanup. Still nothing exceeds the feeling you get when families hug and thank you, then express their gratitude for helping them during their darkest hour and when they need it most. Other reasons include:

  • Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaning is recession proof
  • Crime & Trauma incidents are not seasonal, they unfortunately occur daily
  • You are most often billing the homeowner’s insurance company, not the family
  • You can work from home and do not pay high rent for an office building
  • Low inventory
  • Retired or active police officers and firefighters are ideal candidates due to the amount of time they have on their off-duty hours and their first responders’ experience on scenes.

Franchise Process

  1. Introductory call to our Founder, Audrey Trinidad – This will allow you a chance to speak directly to our owner/founder of BioTechs. It’s free, no obligation and you can ask any initial questions you may have. At the end of the call, we will send you more information and set up a conference call if you choose.
  2. Conference call – Here we will answer your additional questions and explain more in detail about the program. You will be able to speak to our Director of Training, Chief of Operations and get more clarification on what to expect next.
  3. Franchise Application – We will process your application, check your credit, and perform a criminal background check to ensure you are a good fit for the BioTechs franchise. Some contracts that you may obtain may be with the state or other municipalities, which restrict franchisees from having a criminal background.
  4. Franchise Disclosure Document – We will provide you with our very detailed disclosure document so that you can review it with your accountant or attorney to make sure you fully understand all aspects of our franchise business.
  5. Sign Franchise Agreement – Once the mutual interview in complete and you are selected as a fit franchisee, we will meet in San Antonio, Texas headquarters to discuss all required franchise paperwork, answer any additional questions, and sign the franchise agreement. At this time, funds will exchange hands and you will be the latest owner of a BioTechs franchise.
  6. STEP kit – You will attend our one-of-a-kind BioTechs training school in San Antonio, Tx and receive your simulated cleanup training, equipment and supplies package. Upon completion of your training, you will receive your certificate which will allow you to launch your business and start helping families in your community immediately.

BioTechs is a very successful crime and trauma scene cleaning franchise. With over two decades of experience in this industry, BioTechs can help you to become a leader in the emergency biohazard cleanup industry, as well. Our innovative marketing campaigns and compassionate manner, in which we handle our clients, is unmatched anywhere in this field. Contact us at to start helping families and property owners when they need it most.

If you:

  • Have no felonies or drug convictions
  • Are financially stable
  • Have no substance abuse issues
  • Have no objections to a complete background check
  • Want to make a great living while helping your community in their time of need
  • Send us an email at and we will begin the process on your application.

Be a Part of Something Bigger

Allow BioTechs to be the new chapter in your book. Reach out today to embrace an opportunity to help others on a regular basis.