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With nearly two decades of experience in the crime and trauma scene cleaning industry, allow our professional staff to assist you in your time of need. Contact us in South Houston to see how we can help.

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Roxanne Morales

Owner – BioTechs Houston

Roxanne is originally from San Antonio, Texas and graduated with a biology degree from The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA).

Roxanne has experienced tragedy firsthand as she lost a relative to suicide. She knows the pain and hurt that families go through after experiencing such a tragedy and more importantly, she understands the need for compassion at such a critical time. It is her personal experience that allows her to help every person, family, and business with the utmost respect and compassion.

Roxanne is an alumni of the Houston Citizens Police Academy and is also the treasurer of the Crime Victims Response Team (CVRT) in Fort Bend County.


Audrey Trinidad

Founder/CEO BioTechs

BioTechs was founded in 2002 by Audrey Trinidad after her husband, a police officer, saw the emotional strain families endured when faced with cleaning the scene of a lost loved one.

She has been involved with thousands of crime and trauma scenes, allowing her to understand the needs and concerns of families during a time of loss and uncertainty. More importantly, she understands the need for compassion at such a critical time. Audrey’s compassion and genuine concern for family members is what sets BioTechs apart. Her personal experience has shaped her belief that every person, every family, and every business should be treated with respect and dignity. With this credo, she leads a team of industry professionals who bring respect, dignity, and compassion to every scene and family member they assist.

I am so happy we found you in our time of need. Thank you for your compassion and your support when we so desperately needed it.

MariaElena F.

How We Help in Your Time of Need

Image step 1 arrival
Image step 1 arrival

1. Arrival

We will arrive discreetly, in unmarked vehicles, and explain how we can help – both physically and financially.
Image step 2 assessment
Image step 2 assessment

2. Assessment

We will assess the scope of work to be performed, proceed with our biohazard cleanup and report any findings.
Image step 3 walkthrough
Image step 3 walkthrough

3. Walkthrough & Completion

We will conduct a final walkthrough to ensure your satisfaction, then present you with a Certificate of Completion.
Image step 4 follow up
Image step 4 follow up

4. Follow Up

Our commitment to you doesn’t end there. We have many resources available to assist in your healing process.

We are here so the healing can begin.

BioTechs is your most trusted resource for biohazard cleanup. During your time of need, allow us to alleviate some of the distress, so you can focus on the happier times.