Insurance Billed Directly

At BioTechs, we pride ourselves on our proactive customer service and making compassion our first priority. We document our entire decontamination process and work directly with the insurance company if needed, as part of our standard service.

How much does cleanup cost?

The cost of cleanup varies tremendously from scene to scene, meaning it is difficult to provide estimates over the phone. When you call, we will immediately come to the scene and provide you with a no-obligation estimate.

While we can not make guarantees, in most situations homeowners insurance will cover costs of our services with the exception of hoarding.

The process is not difficult. All that we need to start is the name of your homeowners, renters or auto insurance carrier and phone number. A representative from BioTechs will make contact with your carrier, initiate the claim on your behalf in an effort to spare the family from being forced to give the details of the scene. Upon confirmation of coverage, we will begin services immediately, usually within hours of your initial call.