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Crime Scene Technicians & Cleaning Services

After the police have finished processing a crime scene in the greater Houston area, the owner of the home or business must deal with the aftermath. Spaces where crimes occur often sustain damage and are impacted by blood and bodily fluids. These aspects can be hard to handle while balancing physical and emotional turmoil.

Blood and bodily fluids can have a detrimental effect on a building’s interior and can infect current and future occupants with bloodborne illnesses, if not properly sanitized. Calling BioTechs to conduct remediation and crime scene cleanup of the impacted area is the best way to protect those you care about from infection and ensure the scene is restored safely – often at zero out-of-pocket cost. We help Houston-area residents impacted by crime heal, not just clean up crime scenes.

We understand that you may have questions about our process and what types of financial options you have. Contact us today so we can talk about what’s next.

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Aiding in Your Recovery

Dealing with the fallout of a crime is extremely painful, overwhelming, and time-consuming. Trying to clean the scene yourself, or allowing others to do the same, only increases the physical and emotional strain. Without proper training and equipment, those cleaning up the scene put their health at risk and can miss areas of contamination, which can be detrimental down the road.

We adhere to OSHA regulations concerning bloodborne pathogens and exercise universal precautions to protect employees and customers. When cleaning up a crime scene, our field technicians and office staff communicate with the compassion, clarity, and transparency you deserve.

BioTechs assists those impacted by crime with complete decontamination and biohazard disposal services that efficiently eliminate traces of the scene, making the space safe and comfortable again. In most cases, our services don’t cost you anything. We specialize in the trauma scene cleanup, cleaning of blood, bodily fluids, and biological infectious waste on the following property types:




Our services include cleaning, deodorizing, and sanitizing crime scenes. We utilize proprietary, EPA-registered chemicals that are capable of eradicating potentially infectious diseases without harming personal property or causing extensive damage. The chemicals we use can handle a wide range of infectious diseases, but examples include:






Let Us Be Your Helping Hand

Handling the fallout of a crime is hard on loved ones, and cleaning up the scene after one can be expensive. Response teams must remove all traces of contamination, and complete cleanup can require carpet replacement, wall repainting, and structural repairs.

BioTechs works to eliminate out-of-pocket costs for those impacted by crime, leveraging insurance company resources. Homeowners, renters, and automobile insurance policies often cover costs associated with crime scene cleanups. We are happy to walk you through the insurance claim submittal process or submit one on your behalf.

Your deductible is taken from the remaining repairs allotted to you in the claim’s restoration portion. Our team bills the insurance company directly, and we receive payment from the insurance company.


One Your Side

BioTechs is here to help you and your loved ones recover from crime, not just clean things up. We are diligent and thorough, yet compassionate and caring, because your health and safety is our utmost priority.

Our expert empathetic team guides you through each step of our process and explains any associated costs. We handle all insurance matters on your behalf, allowing you to focus on more important issues.

BioTechs has supported Houston-area families and businesses during difficult times for nearly two decades. We arrive in unmarked units and discreetly but respectfully disinfect any impacted areas.

Move on from crime quickly and safely with compassionate, effective remediation services from BioTechs.


Give us a call to learn more about our crime scene cleanup services.

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When Your Home Becomes a Crime Scene

Imagine This…

It’s your 27th wedding anniversary and you head out for a night on the town with the love of your life. You enjoy a great evening of dinner and dancing. As the night ends and you pull onto your street, you see red and blue lights flashing, police cars everywhere, and an ambulance IN YOUR DRIVEWAY. Confusion immediately sets in as you try to figure out what in the world is going on. As you walk up to your house, you inform the officers that you are the homeowners and ask what all the commotion is about. You simply can’t understand… why are they at your house? “Apparently, a burglar tried to break into your house by way of your back window and cut himself severely in the process. Because of his drug induced state, he didn’t think much of it so he continued his spree and broke into your glass gun case in an attempt to steal those weapons as well. This time, he severely cut his other arm. After rummaging through your entire house, he realized the extent of his injuries and called 911 for help. He waited in your home, pacing back and forth and bleeding profusely until we arrived and transported him to the hospital” After picking your jaw up off the ground, you get permission to enter the house. However, the police STRONGLY suggest otherwise. They have seen all of the blood splattered throughout your home. They advise you to find a professional to help you because the blood may contain Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, and other deadly diseases. You had not really given that much thought but after the officer’s warnings of all the potential dangers, you call BioTechs and they respond immediately. This is a true story, we helped this family and returned their home to them once it was completely decontaminated and no longer posed a risk to their health.

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BioTechs has provided affordable and compassionate biohazard cleaning since 2002

We are one of the first biohazard remediation companies in the nation to specialize in biohazard cleanup. What sets us apart from other companies is how we genuinely care and treat the surviving family members. It actually is quite simple, treat others as you would want them to treat you or your family in that exact situation.

We are not carpet cleaners. We do not extract water nor restore your home after a fire. We only provide one service and we do it well. We are highly trained crime scene cleaners with nearly two decades of experience in biohazard remediation.

Our technicians include professional firefighters, EMTs, and police officers who are on-call for BioTechs 24/7 and can usually arrive within one hour in an unmarked vehicle to help you. They are first responders who know how to professionally, discreetly, and compassionately remediate the biohazard scene.

Let the Healing Begin

Allow BioTechs to put our experience to work for you. We are available 24/7. Standing by to assist you in your time of need.