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Death Cleanup

Tragic situations such as suicide, homicide or unattended death should never be left to the homeowner or family member to clean up. BioTechs is here to help you during this extremely difficult time.

BioTechs can assist with complete decontamination and biohazard disposal services that efficiently eliminate traces of the scene, allowing the family to tend to other pressing concerns. Our staff is highly trained and certified with the American Bio-Recovery Association. Our technicians are firefighters, police officers, and EMT personnel who are trained in dealing with the profound emotional strain families are faced with.

Suicide Cleanup

Dealing with the loss of a loved one due to suicide is extremely painful and overwhelming. This emotional devastation should not be heightened by trying to clean the scene yourself or allowing friends or other family members to do the same. So many times we have seen family members with the best intentions, try to clean the scene as quickly as possible. Although they have the best intentions, it is extremely difficult on them psychologically, emotionally, and physically. Without proper training and equipment, they put themselves and at risk, accidentally miss areas of contamination, or unintentionally worsen the scene. Discouraged, they reach out to BioTechs. However, their eyes have already seen the devastation. They struggle for days, and sometimes weeks or months, trying to get the scene out of their mind. We understand how friends and family want desperately to help anyway they can. But from experience, no one should attempt to clean the scene other than professional, highly trained, certified technicians. It is a very difficult task only heightened when you are emotionally involved.

Homicide Cleanup

Losing a loved one in such a sudden and tragic way is unimaginable. The emotional devastation is almost too much to bear. BioTechs has been there for families for nearly two decades to assist families during this difficult time. We arrive in unmarked units and discreetly, compassionately, and with respect, disinfect the affected areas on your property. We are here to help you in any manner we can, whether it is to gather papers from the affected room or get a purse, or keys for you. No task is out of the question. Our goal is to help you as much as possible so that you can tend to other pressing matters at hand.
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BioTechs has provided affordable and compassionate biohazard cleaning since 2002

We are one of the first biohazard remediation companies in the nation to specialize in biohazard cleanup. What sets us apart from other companies is how we genuinely care and treat the surviving family members. It actually is quite simple, treat others as you would want them to treat you or your family in that exact situation.

We are not carpet cleaners. We do not extract water nor restore your home after a fire. We only provide one service and we do it well. We are highly trained crime scene cleaners with nearly two decades of experience in biohazard remediation.

Our technicians include professional firefighters, EMTs, and police officers who are on-call for BioTechs 24/7 and can usually arrive within one hour in an unmarked vehicle to help you. They are first responders who know how to professionally, discreetly, and compassionately remediate the biohazard scene.

Let the Healing Begin

Allow BioTechs to put our experience to work for you. We are available 24/7. Call us to help you, and let us handle your trauma cleanup service needs.