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Vehicle Accident Cleaning & Disinfecting

Vehicle cleanup requires experienced BioTechs technicians that know how to disassemble your automobile to properly disinfect all the affected areas.

When disinfecting a scene with a vehicle involved, one must have extensive knowledge about the manufacturing of that vehicle. BioTechs’ technicians have that knowledge about the many makes and models on the road. Our experience in motor vehicle accident cleanup services allows us to gain access to all the areas that are difficult to reach and properly decontaminate it.


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The Ins and Outs of Vehicle Cleanup

Scenes such as traffic accidents, shootings, suicides, deer landing inside the vehicle after being struck, groceries forgotten in the trunk, cat crawling in a window and getting stuck under the seat are just a few of the many situations BioTechs has been called upon to remedy. Vehicle and blood cleanup is difficult and requires experienced technicians that know how to disassemble your automobile to properly disinfect all the affected areas.

BioTechs is the company called upon by many police departments, auto auction companies, and dealerships. These companies trust BioTechs to properly disinfect the vehicle as required per OSHA guidelines.

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BioTechs has provided affordable and compassionate biohazard cleaning since 2002

We are one of the first biohazard remediation companies in the nation to specialize in biohazard cleanup. What sets us apart from other companies is how we genuinely care and treat the surviving family members. It actually is quite simple, treat others as you would want them to treat you or your family in that exact situation.

We are not carpet cleaners. We do not extract water nor restore your home after a fire. We only provide one service and we do it well. We are highly trained crime scene cleaners with nearly two decades of experience in biohazard remediation.

Our technicians include professional firefighters, EMTs, and police officers who are on-call for BioTechs 24/7 and can usually arrive within one hour in an unmarked vehicle to help you. They are first responders who know how to professionally, discreetly, and compassionately remediate the biohazard scene.

We Take Care of You - From Start to Finish

Allow BioTechs to handle every detail of your trauma cleanup. We are available 24/7.