What Our Clients Have to say

“…Being there alone at 11pm after being right in the middle of this unbelievable tragedy at my office gave the horrible reality of this thing a chance to set in. I’m not sure if you know it but you really helped me during that difficuft time. It was very obvious that you and your staff knew what you were doing because of the way the situation was handled. I thought you would like to know that your honesty, and integrity have also made someone else very happy. The very next day, a family member was asking if I had seen the diamond to a necklace lost at the scene. It was nice to be able to give it to them, and they were very appreciative of BioTechs staff’s honesty. I think that the money we paid was well worth it.”


General Manager / Century 21

“On behalf of my entire family, I would like to thank you and your technician, for the manner for which the possessions of my uncle were dealt with… The crime scene area was left in a manner that made it seem as though nothing had happened there…Every video, paper, cabinet, office machine, piece of furniture and all personal property, were either moved or packed during that week. On my initial entry into the store, I saw the meticulous nature of the work and the respect demonstrated by your technician not only for my uncle, but also for my entire family. I can only give thanks to you and your employees for helping us keep the good memories of our uncle.”


Mr. Ozuna

“I cannot thank you enough. BioTechs’ technician was such a gentleman and treated my mother with such respect To lose my father so suddenly, and be faced with the cleanup was just too much to handle. Thank you for all you do! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

God Bless You,

Mrs. Banks

“I am so happy we found you in our time of need. Thank you for your compassion and your support when we so desperately needed it.”

MariaElena F.

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU for having helped out my friend during her time of loss. She could not say enough good things about how helpful Audrey was with arrangements, etc. It is good to know that at a time of loss, we can count on you.”

God Bless You Guys,

Terry V.

“Once again,thank you for helping us out during a challenging and emotional time. I am so happy that we chose you and your company”

Ruben C.

I just wanted to send a quick note to you thanking you for the compassionate service you and your team provided at my Mother’s house.  I can not imagine the horrific scenes you and your teams encounter, but the manner in which all of you handled this one was above and beyond the call of duty.  My initial call was placed way too late in the night to have been received so lovingly, but it was.  Then the next day when the team arrived they were just as compassionate and extremely respectful and professional as they took on the remediation task.  I can not thank you enough for providing this service and how it was handled.  I hope to never be in the situation to need or recommend your services, but in the event I might be, you will be the only call I make.”

Thank you so very much,

Pamela R


We had a serious accident in our home and our family tragically lost a loved one as a result. Audrey (the owner) spoke with our family directly, answered all of our questions, consoled and even prayed with us. Her staff was prompt, professional, thorough and very willing to work around our schedule as our family had to continue to live in the home during the cleanup. I understand the majority of their staff is either former police, fire or EMT professionals. The result of their work not only completely cleaned the home, but helped us to restore hope and alleviate our grieving. We did have several questions regarding our insurance and were quite surprised that Audrey was able to engage the insurance company directly, advocating on our behalf. BioTechs is available 24/7, OSHA approved, military friendly and offers ‘victims of crime assistance’ and ‘family crisis discounts’ to offset expenses for those who qualify. There is no other specialty cleaning service that offers this level of personalized family care. After all services were completed, she stopped by our house to ensure the work was satisfactory and on a very personal level saw if there was anything else she could do for our family. I hope that no one ever requires these services as we did, but in the event you do, BioTechs not only does exceptional work but does so with an unusual amount of compassion for what the family might be going through.

Thank you for your service

Daniel E.