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biotech_subpage_03BioTechs was founded in 2002 by Audrey Trinidad after her husband, a police officer, saw first hand the emotional strain families endured when faced with cleaning the scene of lost loved ones. We have obtained extensive training in the crime scene cleaning industry to include passing the American Bio-Recovery Association national certification test to become certified bio-recovery technicians. We personally attended training programs in New York and North Carolina taught and led by the most respected names in the industry including the former President of the American Bio-Recovery Association, Ron Gospodarski, of Bio-Recovery Corp. and Kent Berg, the author of The Bio-Recovery Training Manual, used by professional crime scene cleaning companies throughout the industry.


biotech_subpage_06BioTechs believes in giving back to our community. We are focused on excelling as a corporate citizen by funding and participating in a wide range of social initiatives.

These include toy donation drives; fallen officers donations and recognition; local firefighters, police and EMT sports team sponsorships; and involvement in a number of charities and events benefitting special-needs children. We are also Lifetime Members of the 100 Club which raises money for the families of fallen officers killed in the line of duty.
BioTechs believes in helping families and our community in their time of need.

Education & Resources

biotech_subpage_10The complexities of dealing with crime, accidents, or death scenes are hard to fathom.
As the leading company in crime and trauma scene cleaning, BioTechs not only provides biohazard remediation services but also helps connect families to other resources and programs developed to help them through the healing process. Below are a select number of useful links to service providers, government programs and community organizations that provide additional information in this difficult time.

Business Opportunities

biotech_subpage_12BioTechs continues to expand and is constantly seeking other compassionate individuals for franchising opportunities across the country. Our proven formula of success offers individuals a unique and advantageous start as business owners.
Start a new future by contacting BioTechs and find out if you are a good BioTechs franchisee fit to help people in their time of need. For retired law enforcement, firefighters, and military veterans, we appreciate your service and offer a special discount on our licensing opportunities.