Blood Cleanup Company: The Popular Neighborhood Company You’ve Never Heard About

by Jesse Salazar / July 9, 2020

Blood Cleanup Company: The Popular Neighborhood Company You’ve Never Heard About

by Jesse Salazar / July 9, 2020

The Little Known Blood Cleanup Company in Your Area

There’s a small, local, company that that has been serving the state of Texas for nearly two decades. Fortunately, most of the residence here don’t even know they exist. When accidents happen, some of those accidents turn out to be deadly with excessive blood loss. Before Covid-19, you might have heard about some of those tragedies happening within the San Antonio or Dallas-Fort Worth area, and most likely. What you did not see on the news is that BioTechs is typically the blood cleanup company that arrives at the scene to erase the blood as if the incident never happened. Whether life is lost or not, a blood spill can be dangerous to your health and anyone else close by. We recommend that you stay away from any blood spill and call BioTechs Company immediately, whenever you are faced with a blood cleanup of any nature. When we are faced with a tragedy, we show concern, and to want to be there for the victim. Often, we become naturally inclined to be remorseful and supportive. Our sympathy clouds our judgment to the extent that we are unable to control our physical actions. Because of that, a blood spill might not seem dangerous to us from the look of it as we are oblivious to the apparent danger.
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However, when you insist on embracing, moving, or touching a bloody body or surface, without protective gear, you risk exposure to hazardous blood pathogens. The risk is much higher especially if you have open body wounds and you are contaminated with the victim’s blood because you lack industry-approved protective equipment. Whatever the circumstances of the tragedy, it doesn’t matter whether it is a fresh scene or a stale one, keep a safe distance no matter the urge to physically console an injured and bleeding loved one. Remember to contact a professional blood cleaning company immediately.

Blood Cleanup Companies Will Spot the Details You Miss in a Cleanup

Blood cleanup companies work hand in hand with the city to ensure that blood scenes are restored to their original condition as soon as possible. Refrain from cleaning up a bloody scene on your own because you might not be in a state to bear the demise of the victim. This is because you are likely to do a less impressive clean up by relying on regular household detergents and rags that will spread rather than eliminate the diluted bloodborne contaminants around the scene.

An ineffective cleanup will leave invisible bloodstains lingering around for long because you lack the capacity and ability to analyze blood spill. One advantage of working with BioTechs is that our professionals use industry-approved tools and techniques recommended by OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen Cleanup Kit, to ensure that all blood stains are eliminated for good. That is why we are legally tasked with the duty to do a thorough blood clean up. 

Another advantage is that we will handle the bloody scenes on your behalf and let you focus on your mental wellbeing by spending time in the company of supportive friends and family. You will have peace of mind knowing that you leave the task to a professional cleanup team that leaves nothing behind to remind you of the traumatic scene.

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Biohazard Blood Cleanup Should Be Done By Licensed Professionals

BioTechs Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaning is a family-owned business, and we understand what it means to lose family. Given the nature of this kind of clean up, we only dispatch the most experienced biohazard blood cleanup team that exercises great caution, demonstrates great attention to detail, professionalism, and discreteness while responding to your cleanup needs.  

We are a systematic cleanup team with an implementation procedure for every action. Before we get into the actual cleanup, a free on-site assessment would usually be a starting point at your convenience. This gives us a chance to ensure that all evidence is intact and any new developments noticed are recorded as well. Depending on how soon you contact us for a cleanup and the processes involved, an on-site assessment helps us to determine the type of equipment to use, based on the time the actual tragedy happened and when it was reported.  

No matter how many precautions we take, some things are beyond our control, and we have to handle them when they happen. And often, they might occur when we can hardly afford to take care of them financially. That is why most companies cover BioTechs’ blood cleaning services to cushion you from potential financial strain on top of a traumatic period. 

Whether you are reporting a crime or non-crime blood spill, an injury of any nature, an industrial accident, we can clean up everything. We are available on-call 24 hours because accidents or tragedies do not take a day off. Contact us anytime via direct phone call, or by clicking the blue button below to schedule a free assessment today!

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