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BioTechs is a forensic cleaning company in Houston that is OSHA & HAZCOM certified. We help eliminate potential health risks by providing clean up, removal, and disposal of hazardous materials that may put lives at risk. Contact us anytime–24/7/365!

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We have offered forensic cleanup services for the past 18 years and we have just about everything. We’ve developed a compassionate approach to our clean-up service that leaves our customers relieved and at peace through troubled times. Our numerous Bio Hazard Certifications mean we have the skill to effectively clean up and restore to normal any crime scene.

BioTechs has been a member of the American Bio-Recovery Association (ABRA) for the past 6 years. This association is extremely difficult to be admitted into because they do extensive background checks and hold high ethical standards. What really brings people to us is our approach to treating customers like we would want to be treated.

Forensic Cleanup

Our Forensic Clean Up Process

Forensic Clean Up

Our forensic cleaning starts with evaluating the area requiring service. Our technicians arrive in work trucks that don’t reveal the nature of our work. This way we can protect your privacy.

The team wears specially designed safety equipment as we work throughout the area to remove any debris. Using application-specific EPA Registered cleaners gives us the power to remove all contaminants. We don’t just focus on floors, our thorough inspection reveals all areas needing cleaning so we do a complete job.

Our technicians are trained on how to handle personal belongings. We will never discard any personal items before getting your consent. If there are any personal items that are deemed not salvageable, we’ll explain every detail to you first. This way you are completely informed throughout the cleaning process.

After we’ve completed cleaning and disinfecting all related surfaces including walls and ceilings, we do a final inspection to ensure our work meets your complete satisfaction. If needed, we’ll make adjustments to our service. We want nothing less than to delight you and bring peace to your life. The process typically ends with our team handling all the billing with your insurance company. We really do take care of everything from start to finish.


Forensic Cleaning Services

Forensic Cleaning Services
  • Our crime scene clean up services start with your private phone call to us.
  • We then caringly gather your information that gives us a thorough understanding of what needs to be done.
  • We’ll schedule an appointment with you to visit the location and inspect the extent of crime scene cleanup needed.
  • You’ll then receive an estimate from us with the exact items we will perform for you to completely restore the condition of the property.
  • We then work with your insurance company to pay for the cost so you are not burdened with it.
  • If you don’t have insurance, you can apply for our Family Crisis Discount Program that can largely reduce the cost of our cleanup services.
  • We’ll schedule a time to perform the biohazard cleanup so you’ll know exactly when to expect us.
  • Plus, our team arrives discreetly in our vans that only have our company name and no other phrases that could potentially cause harm to your family.
  • Our service has been owned and operated for 18 years so we know very well how to treat you as a friend throughout our cleanup services.


Forensic Cleaner Houston Texas

Our headquarters have been located in San Antonio TX for over 20 years. In that time we have helped hundreds of families with all of their crime scene cleanup needs. We are no stranger to performing the highest quality cleanup you can possibly get. Since that time we have been able to expand to every major city throughout Texas…including Houston. Being centrally located in Houston means you don’t have to wait long for us to arrive and you can even talk with us in person. We are local residents so your community is our community, which means we care deeply about performing the best crime scene cleanup services for you, our neighbors.

Twenty years ago our co-founder Trini Trinidad was working as a police officer here in Texas at the scene of a suicide. His heart broke when asked by the mother of the deceased, “who was performing the cleanup.” Ultimately, this unfortunate mother not only lost a child, but she also was responsible for cleaning up the child’s remains left behind. Since that day he knew he had to make a difference in the lives of families who were devastated by these tragedies. So, starting this crime scene cleanup company was his way of giving back to the community the help they sorely need.

Forensic Cleaners Cost

Forensic cleanup service cost is largely based on several factors so you won’t really find any set prices. If you do find a company with set prices, then you may want to avoid them entirely. Typically, these will include janitorial or carpet cleaning companies who often fall short of preventing pathogens from growing and showing up again. You can avoid calling us the second time by calling us the first time.

The most important factor is how big the area is that needs cleanup. The second most important factor is how much hazardous material requires cleanup. Because of the dangers of biohazard cleanup, it requires our team to use specialized safety suits and use EPA Registered cleaning agents in order to return the home to a safe state. The thing to remember is that this is not like cleaning a car where you would do the same exact things to every single car you cleaned, each job is unique. Those that charge lower prices tend to use inferior products and cut corners. This puts the safety of their staff and your safety at risk. When we perform your crime scene clean up, you get the most effective products being used correctly by highly skilled and trained professionals who care about your family and serving you at the highest level, period. Call us today!

Forensic Cleaners

Professional Forensic Cleaning Company

Forensic Cleaning Company
Our team is comprised of highly trained biohazard professionals that have come from the police, firefighter, and EMT backgrounds. We understand fully what you’re going through and we have the certifications to back us up. We’ve gone through the effort and expense to train for and obtain these certifications to enable us to give you the most effective crime victim services available.

Having a “Master Bio-Recovery Technician Certificate from ABRA means we know what cleaning agents to use that will clean the best and how to use them the most efficient way. This results in giving you the most comprehensive crime scene clean up you can find. We are honest and do not steal from the deceased. We have never been accused of theft and do extensive background checks on all our employees. We never treat our clients like they are just another caller.

Compassion leads our actions from the onset of your first call until we complete your service. Compassion comes before “making a profit.” We have been told repeatedly that the competition was only interested in them if they had insurance coverage. Once they spoke to us, they knew right away that we focus on assisting them first and before asking about how we were going to get paid. Let us show you how good we are. Pick up the phone and call us today!

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