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When we go into cleaning the aftermath of every crime scene, each of our highly experienced Crime Scene Technicians has a deep knowledge and understanding of the work required and necessary. We understand that there are others that have been deeply affected by the tragedy. This is why much of our team is made of up current and former firemen and law enforcement officers who are accustomed to working in a tainted environment that has been rocked by a tragedy. These are team members who continue to give back to those in the community by helping families affected by tragedy by providing the utmost compassion and care combined with the quality of work needed to restore the environment back into a peaceful dwelling place.

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Crime Scene Clean Up Technicians Make Discretion a Top Priority

Every one of our Crime Scene Clean Up Technicians holds discretion as a top priority to ensure that we are able to do our job quietly, and undetected in an effort to help you and your family (or with those who may live or work around the area that the crime happened in) from having to deal with outside interference and noise around you. We deeply understand the level of care that needs to be addressed with every job that we walk into, that we don’t leave the job until it is completed with absolutely zero health risk to anyone who enters back into the area, and that no reminders are left behind. We believe every client of ours should expect only the highest level of service when working with a professional trauma cleanup company.

Bio Recovery Technicians Use Only the Highest of Safety Standards

Our Bio-Recovery Technicians are highly skilled in being able to deliver only top tier safety when removing low to high-risk biological hazards that may have been left behind at a crime scene. Whether it is from remaining tissue, airborne and/or bloodborne pathogens, or a host of many other contaminants that can be left behind, an in-depth process is strictly adhered to by all of our technicians. Once all pathogens, and biohazards have been identified by our Bio Hazard Technicians, it is then the job of the Bio-Recovery Technician to ensure that the clean up is done with respect and diligence, along with careful removal and disposal to ensure nothing is left behind. We do so by following all necessary OSHA safety measures & precautions, keeping top of mind at all times to those who have been affected by what has just happened.

Highly Skilled Biohazard Technicians

Our Biohazard Technicians are fully trained to come in and assess and inspect every minute detail. Then we are able to prepare the rest of the team with all the necessary steps needed to ensure that the crime scene cleanup is thorough and complete. With a very trained eye for detail, and the ability to look at things from very outside the box, we are able to make sure that all I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed. Our technicians are able to find contaminants that aren’t visible to the naked eye by using infrared red and lighting equipment to scan the scene. We follow traces to what is lying beneath the surface, into the floorboards, below the carpet, and even behind the walls to where even more contaminants may be hidden.

Having very strict deadlines are very important to us for the sake of our clients. Though no job is to be rushed, it is important to make sure that we do not further delay the process of people coming back into their homes or office longer than what is absolutely necessary. Precision and diligence in a timely manner are a necessary part of our protocol to ensure the high standard of excellence that we hold ourselves to.

CTS Decon Technicians Are Who Cleans Up Crime Scenes

We are comprised of high-level professionals. Each CTS Decon Technician team member complements the other, which means our job is done right the first time. CTS Decon Technicians are who cleans up crime scenes and who do trauma cleaning services.

We are meticulous in the clean-up of all contaminated and infectious material to ensure every last particle and molecule, down to the last microscopic detail, are removed. We believe that as the last ones at the crime scene before loved ones and dear friends come back, what we do can have a direct effect on those already stricken with grief and pain. If we can make the lives of our clients just a little bit easier during what is already an extremely difficult time, then we have done our job. We are able to give back, through our intense attention to detail and by leaving no stone unturned, when you need us most. Give us a call today! We are here to help 24/7.

CTS Decon Technicians

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